Dog Boarding


Welcome to Camp Sycamore!

Camp Sycamore is the perfect place to send your pup when you go out of town. Rest assured your pet will be taken care of and safe. 


All walks are on a leash and are only done within the secure, completely enclosed fenced in yard. At night boarders are tucked safely inside the climate controlled kennel. How your dog spends his day is up to you. We offer indoor-outdoor runs for the high energy pet (with room to share if you have multiple dogs), or he may stay indoors during the day in an individual cage. We provide beds, food and twice daily walks. This is all included in the cost! If you would like to have extra play time scheduled for your pet, we have an enclosed area within the fenced in facility to allow time off the leash, or time hanging out with the staff inside…whatever is considered quality time for your pet! You are welcome to bring your dog’s own food, bed or toys, and if he is on medications, be sure to remember those!


The Facility

There is plenty of room to share if you prefer to have your dogs stay together. We are happy to separate them at night or at mealtimes if that is requested. At night, safely tucked indoors- climate controlled!

Cat boarding

The Facility

Our cat room is separate from the dog boarding area and offers large cages in a quiet environment. Supervised playtime can include time in the treehouse - always a favorite!


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Price List

All boarding fees are per night. additional services and playtimes are available upon request

Price List

All boarding fees are per night. Additional walks and playtimes are available upon request