Laser Therapy

We at Sycamore Veterinary Services, are excited to offer our clients Companion Laser Therapy. Laser therapy is a non-invasive, pain-free, surgery free, drug-free treatment which is used to treat a variety of conditions and can be performed in conjunction with other existing treatment protocols. Relief and/or improvement is sometimes noticed within hours of treatment. Please note that this varies from patient to patient and also depends on the severity of the condition of your pet.

How Does it work?

Laser therapy stimulates the body to heal from within. Non-thermal photons of light are administerd to the body for one to several minutes and are absorbed by the injured tissue. This stimulates the cells' own metabolism, which helps speed the healing process.


I will tell you that at first, I was skeptical. One of the first patients we tested it on was an older daschund that had undergone spinal surgery a few years earlier. She was not doing well. We decided, with the owner’s permission, to use her as a test case. The next morning, he called and asked when we were planning to get the machine. He further stated that if we didn’t, he would find someone who did- his dog was acting like a puppy. 

We use laser therapy to treat a variety of conditions- this is a partial list

Arthritis, degenerative joint disease and hip dysplasia

Sprains, strains, general inflammation and pain due to trauma

Post-surgery pain (spays, neuters, lacerations)

Urinary tract problems

Dental procedures

Ear Infections

Skin problems (hot spots, lick granulomas, abscesses, slow healing wounds  Pulmonary edema and COPD

OK, so how does it feel to them?

It is a warm feeling. Many patients will start to relax, lick their lips, purr, maybe even fall asleep.

How is laser light different from regular light?

Picture a Saturday in a park somewhere. People are milling around going in different direction at different speeds and wearing different colors. This is the light we experience on a daily basis.

Now, picture a group of soldiers marching through the same park: all in uniform and all in step. This is akin to laser light: monochromatic and coherent (in step).

OK, so why the glasses?

There is always a risk of scatter radiation; these are for your and your pet’s safety. Please note that we don’t try to do this with horses!! We do request that if you take a picture of your pet with the doggles on and post it to Facebook, that you tag us in the post, so we can get some advertising for our services


Laser packages

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